Music Share for Seniors’ In-Person program connects seniors living in long-term care with our trained Program Facilitators for one-to-one or small group music listening experiences.

Personalized Playlists

Our Program Facilitators provide personalized music playlists and engage with residents in an effort to trigger memories and build new meaningful relationships. Music Share for Seniors provides all necessary program materials and ensures that our Program Facilitators are trained, and arrive on site at the scheduled times.

Program Efficacy

Our In-Person program has proven to be an effective way of reaching isolated older adults who are not currently participating in other available programs. Since our Program Facilitators can provide the program in the participants room, or in common areas, we are able to engage with our participants wherever is most convenient. Due to the fact that our participants choose the music they would like to hear, they are empowered to actively shape their own experience. 

Mental Health Benefits

Through consistent and caring engagement, Music Share for Seniors offers participants something to look forward to each week. By actively reducing the amount of time they spend alone our program helps curb some of the negative health risks associated with being isolated. A recent study shows that forming social bonds with residents reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by about 30% and improves overall mental well-being (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2020). Furthermore, recent research from Bayshore Healthcare has demonstrated that customized music therapy proves to be effective in alleviating anxiety, improving mood and cognitive functioning among this population (Chang et al., 2015). Music Share has been featured in a number of media and news outlets about the positive impact we are making, click here to learn more.

What’s Included

One-to-one Interaction

  • One-to-one music listening sessions are scheduled and organized to connect residents with trained Program Facilitators.
  • Program Facilitators help create the music listening experience by delivering music requests in real time and engaging with participants one-to-one or in small group settings.
  • Our Program Facilitators encourage further engagement by creating mutually beneficial relationships and providing them with something to look forward to each week.

Remote Playlisting

  • Music Share for Seniors provides our ‘Music Preference Questionnaire’ to residents, family members and care staff in order to determine what they would like to listen to.
  • Personalized music playlists are built for each participant based on their individual responses and personal backgrounds.
  • Playlists are maintained and updated monthly, and can be accessed and downloaded to any device on site that runs Spotify.

Equipment and Tech

  • Music Share for Seniors provides iPad(s) and wireless Bose Speaker(s) for easy organization and a high quality music listening experience.
  • A unique Spotify account is created and maintained for your community.
  • Equipment comes with protective cases and any and all damages are covered by Music Share.