Volunteer Opportunities

Program Facilitator


Music Share for Seniors provides a unique one-to-one music listening experience for residents in long-term care.

Our Program Facilitators meet with our participants either in-person or via Zoom video calls and use Spotify to provide personalized music playlists to program participants.

As a Program Facilitator you will listen to, and talk about music treasured by participants in an effort to trigger memories, moments of lucidity, and reconnect them with their past. Our participants have varying physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, so our volunteers have to be compassionate, patient and understanding, when working with each community’s residents. Music Share’s volunteer experience is truly one of a kind, as you are able to connect with residents at their own pace, and create impactful relationships through meaningful interactions. 

Remote Playlister

(18 and under)

Becoming a Remote Playlister is a fun and meaningful volunteer position that can be completed at your own workspace.

Remote Playlisters build personalized music playlists on Spotify, based on participants’ responses to Music Share for Seniors’ Music Preference Questionnaire.

These personalized playlists provide our participants with the opportunity to shape their own music listening experience and our Remote Playlisters consistently provide participants with new music from their favourite artists. Through your hard work you will help create joyous and meaningful moments in the lives of the seniors you build playlists for!