Local Program Seeking Old Tablet Donations

Music Share for Seniors is hoping to collect gently used iPads or tablets to provide seniors access to meaningful music amid the pandemic.

Late Night in Canada:

Episode 8

Julian Powell is interviewed on the popular show, “Late Night in Canada,” where he talks about Music Share for Seniors, how it benefits residents living in long-term care, and how potential volunteers can get involved.

Can A Song Unlock Your Memories?Can A Song Unlock Your Memories?

“Music helps to alleviate feelings of loneliness by connecting us back to moments, people, and places.” Julian Powell, the charities founder, discusses.

Music Share for Seniors Addresses Senior Social Isolation with the Power
of Music

Music Share for Seniors is a charitable organization dedicated to reducing senior social isolation through individualized, music-based programming. Their initial model had volunteers entering long term care facilities, spending time with residents and listening to curated playlists together. Now they’re leveraging the musical element of their program to reach similar outcomes during the pandemic.

Providing Music To Seniors In An Effort To Alleviate Social Isolation

“We’re able to provide them with music that’s in their native tongue and it might be the first time in years that some of these individuals have actually heard their language spoken back to them, so that’s a really exciting moment,” said Julian Powell

The Healing Power of Elvis Tunes: New Venture Uses Music to Connect Seniors to Happier Times

According to the Canadian Association of Music Therapists, practitioners have been plying their trade in Canada since at least the 1950s, using “music purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support development, health and well-being.”

Program Brings Music Playlists to Seniors to Combat Social Isolation and Loneliness

“We’re dropping off iPads with personalized playlists for residents of St. George Care Community,” he told CTV News Toronto. “They have put in requests with us for music that is personal and meaningful to them, and we’ve put together a unique playlist loaded onto tablets.”

It’s part of a program Powell founded called Music Share for Seniors. The goal is to help socially-isolated seniors, who might be feeling lonely, enjoy songs from their past.