Music Share for Seniors is a charitable organization dedicated to reducing senior social isolation through music-based programming and meaningful social interaction.

Individualized music playlists

We provide older adults living in long-term care with individualized music playlists curated to their personal histories, backgrounds and preferences. This is done in an effort to trigger memories and moments of lucidity, reconnect them with their past, and stimulate specific areas of the brain involved in memory and emotional processing. We train volunteers and placement students to facilitate our music programming during which they listen to and talk about music that is treasured by our senior participants.

In-person services

Music Share for Seniors was founded in 2017 by Julian Powell, when he recognized that senior social isolation was a growing threat. Julian was inspired by the “Meals on Wheels” model of providing in-person services that are tailored to the needs of vulnerable members of the community. Music Share for Seniors was initially recognized by RECODE @ Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) and received funding to pilot the project. Since then the organization has continued to grow, and just recently has acquired its charitable status.

Empowering Residents

Music Share for Seniors works hand in hand with the long-term care communities we serve in order to make a difference in the lives of the residents living in them. We focus on empowering our participants by engaging with them at their own pace, and learning about their past in an effort to provide the highest quality music experience.

Placement Opportunities

Music Share for Seniors is partnered with TMU, York University, Seneca College, and Durham College in order to provide one of a kind placement opportunities that educate students on the needs of seniors living in long-term care. We rely on the generosity and compassion of individuals who believe in making a difference in the lives of seniors living in long-term care, and we could not fulfill our mission without the efforts and inherent caring nature of our volunteers.

Music Share for Seniors is proud to be incubated at the Social Venture Zone at TMU and is grateful to all of the hard working volunteers, partners, donors, and staff who make Music Share for Seniors what it is today! We are excited for what the future holds, and look forward to providing our programming to as many seniors living in long-term care as possible!